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Thread: WMSProperties on isTranscodeResult()

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    Default WMSProperties on isTranscodeResult()


    How do I get an IApplication object on an transcoded stream. stream.getClient().getApplication() is not working
    stream.getStreams().getAppInstance() either.
    I need to get some WMSProperties on an transcoded stream that's the goal.

    My Code:

    public void onUnPublish(IMediaStream stream, String streamName, boolean isRecord, boolean isAppend) {

    if (stream.isTranscodeResult()) {
    IApplicationInstance appInstance = stream.getStreams().getAppInstance();
    WMSProperties videostreamPublishList = (WMSProperties) appInstance.getProperties().get(Config.VIDEOSTREAM_PUBLISHERS);
    // videostreamPublishList is Null here and it shouldn't
    } else {
    IApplication app = stream.getClient().getApplication();
    WMSProperties videostreamPublishList = (WMSProperties) app.getProperties().get(Config.VIDEOSTREAM_PUBLISHERS);
    // this is working

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    It works for me:
    package test;
    import com.wowza.wms.module.*;
    import com.wowza.wms.application.*;
    public class ModuleTranscoderControlByStream extends ModuleBase
    	class TranscoderControl implements ILiveStreamTranscoderControl
    		public boolean isLiveStreamTranscode(String transcoder, IMediaStream stream)
    			IApplicationInstance appInstance = stream.getStreams().getAppInstance();
    			appInstance.getProperties().setProperty("test", "this");
    			return true;
    	public void onAppStart(IApplicationInstance appInstance)
    		appInstance.setLiveStreamTranscoderControl(new TranscoderControl());
    You can also set WMSProperties on the stream:
    stream.getProperties().setProperty("var", "val");

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