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Thread: playlists in smil

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    Unhappy playlists in smil

    Hello everyone,
    Its been a few days im in charge of a TV stream of a tv channel. The person who was in charge of this before, explained to me everything he knew, so what i infered from the conversation is:
    1) he was preparing a playlist in MS exel for each day
    2) then he was pasting this play list into the smil file
    3) finally he was restarting the server at the moment when the broadcasting was supposed to start
    This seems to be a bit illogic to me.. Since its not so hard to make up a number of playlists for the whole week, so my first instinct was to create 7 playlists, and put them into smil... But noone i spoke to knows how to do this, on top of that id like to loop every playlist, so that it plays continuously untill a new playlist starts playing...
    Heres what i want to do:
    i start streaming videos from our server every day at 18:00, the lenght of every playlist is about 6 hours. i want it to loop the whole night untill 18:00 next day, when the next playlist starts looping, and so on...
    Im very new to this, so lots of explanations wont do any good to me right now..., ill be studyng the syntax myself, but for now id prefer a piece of code to solve the problem...
    Any help is very appreciated!

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    You can add files into a scheduler with time and date allowing you to do multi-bitrate and repeat the first files again (looping) if you needed to over the desired time frame.

    You can find the tutorial here,

    Hope this is what you are looking for.


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