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Thread: Isolating 3rd Party Modules

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    Hi All,

    One of our vendors has supplied two of their own modules for our Wowza servers - which we use for a variety of applications. I don't particularly trust the new modules and I'm concerned they'll make Wowza unstable.
    Best as I can tell, the modules only get loaded because the Application.xml for two applications references them:

    If there is an issue with the module, is there a risk that it'll bring down the entire Wowza instance?
    Is there a way I can protect against this (vhosts?)? Ideally, I want the application to run in its own process/thread so that if it has an issue, it'll only kill that application. Maybe that's default behaviour...
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    - David

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    We can't tell if there is any issue either. Each application is separate, of course, but a module in one application can affect other applications by adding too much load or creating memory leaks that drain resources. Text chat should require low resource usage. In any case you will have to evaluate it. You could test it yourself, and/or monitor the application closely after this module deployment. For your test you might run it in test environment where it was the only thing running, and take a close look at the logs to see what it is doing.

    One red flag, if the application is doing frequent calls to external resources, esp http but also jdbc db connections can cause performance problems.


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