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Thread: Connecting to Primcast wowza server

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    Smile Connecting to Primcast wowza server

    Hello, I need help.

    I'm trying to connect to Primcast wowza server with user and password. With FMLE works well, but I can't do it with my Flex (flash) application.
    The connection is good, but when I want to publish I get: NetStream.Publish.Failed (Not authorized to publish)

    I've tried with:

    ncWowzaConnection.connect("rtmp://[address]/live", [user],[password]);
    ncWowzaConnection.connect(" rtmp://[address]/live?authmod=adobe&user=[user]&password=[password]");

    Do you know how to do it?
    It's very important please.


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    For the first one (credentials in parameter) this will work:

    For the 2nd and 3rd ones (credentials in querystring) this will work:


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