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Thread: nDvr + adaptive streaming + origin/edge configuration

  1. Default nDvr + adaptive streaming + origin/edge configuration


    I am new to nDvr and I have some trouble with the documentation.

    For the moment, I used adaptative streaming with an origin/edge configuration.
    My streams are locked like this :
    Smil files are auto-generated and this allow me to have a great switching and the 64kb audio stream automatically generated to be compliant with apple specification.

    The problem with this method is that my edge application doesn't use "liverepeater-edge" anymore.
    It was replaced by "live", and each edge server must start each stream to doing is own packetizer.

    In this tutorial :
    It's said to use "liverepeater-edge" to do the packetizer on the origin and only configure the edge as repeater.

    So my problem is :
    * if I use locked streams on edge servers, adaptive streaming works great but I can't have ndvr.
    * if I use repeater on edge servers, ndvr works, but sometime I have some misaligned streams. And I don't have the autogenerated audio stream anymore.

    Do you have some suggestions for this kind of configuration?
    1) configure ndvr recording on each edge (hard to maintain because lot of start/stop recording)
    2) two different applications on each edge (one for adaptative streaming with "live"/one for ndvr with "live-repeater" of the origin)
    3) another idea ...

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    It should not be a problem. Following the first guide the StreamType is "live" but the MediaCaster type you are starting the streams with is "liverepeater", so the streams are the same as far as nDVR is concerned.


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    I tried to configure it like this before, but I had a problem on the edge server.
    On this edge server I have :
    * 4x stream files with different qualities (_160p, _240p, _360p, _480p)
    * 1x smil file which contains those 4 streams + one audio stream

    And at startup, each stream file is started with media caster.
    This configuration works great for live streaming.

    So like you suggest in your post, I configured nDvr on the origin server and on the edge server.
    In the edge application.xml, I just add :
    	<LiveStreamPacketizers>cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer, sanjosestreamingpacketizer, dvrstreamingrepeater</LiveStreamPacketizers>
    If I try to connect directly to a stream file, I can access to the DVR option (OK):

    If I try to access the smil file, it's work fine too (OK):

    But If I try to access to the nDvr functionality directly on the smil file (NOT OK):

    I get a "Error #2032" in the player, and in the edge server's logs, i can see :
    2012-08-16	13:26:00	CEST	comment	server	WARN	200	-	DvrPlayerAdapterSanJose.getMultibitratePlaylistF4M : DVR Store '' not found.  Returning empty playlist.
    2012-08-16	13:26:00	CEST	comment	server	WARN	200	-	HTTPStreamerAdapterSanJoseStreamer.isPlaylistReady: Null playlist returned[multicast/test_multibitrate_all.smil/manifest.f4m?DVR]: test_multibitrate_all.smil
    P.S. I just check and this problem seems to occur only with SanJose streaming.
    I just check with Cupertino streaming (http://edgeserver/multicast/test_mul...ylist.m3u8?DVR), and the ipad can use ndvr on the smil file without problems.
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    What is the contents of It should be full origin stream name: rtmp url + stream name, as should all the .stream files referred to in the smil.

    What is the contents of test_multibitrate_all.smil?

    I don't think it matters for nDVR on the edge, but for good measure change the edge Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers to the repeater packetizers. (You are using the correct dvr packetizer for the edge)

    And you should be using the standard packetizers on the origin, so check that. It's a good idea to remove any packetizers that you are not using from origin and edge.

    I would review this guide very carefully:

    If not working, this is what we need to see what you are doing. Stop the origin and edge. Rename or delete the access log on both. Start both again. Test what is not working, in this case, start the stream on the origin and try to playback smil from the edge. After testing, zip up the conf and transcoder folders and the current access and error logs from the origin, and the conf and logs and current access and error log from the edge. Please send conf from both just as they are during the testing that is reflected in the logs.


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    We have a very similar issue to what has been described above. However, our setup is a simple setup, without any origin-edge configuration.

    We carefully reviewed all related guides, but still could not resolve what the problem is.

    We are trying to setup SMIL, and use it with DVR.

    We are able to play our stream without any problem with the following URL's:
    (assuming our stream name is 'mystream')

    http://wowzaserver/live/mystream/manifest.f4m [OK]
    http://wowzaserver/live/mystream/manifest.f4m?DVR [OK]
    http://wowzaserver/live/smil:mystream.smil/manifest.f4m [OK]

    But we fail when we add '?DVR' to the smil url:

    http://wowzaserver/live/smil:mystrea...nifest.f4m?DVR [FAIL]

    And the error log regarding the last attempt is as follows:

    HTTPStreamerAdapterSanJoseStreamer.onPlaylist[[live/smil:mystream.smil/manifest.f4m?DVR]: live/_definst_]: java.lang.NullPointerException

    It seem's like there is something wrong on the Wowza side.

    Do you have any suggestions to resolve this problem?


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    It is helpful to run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode so you can see log output in the console.

    If that doesn't help, re-start Wowza then start the live streams, then do the OK tests and the FAIL test. Use the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming FlashHTTPPlayer.

    Then zip up and send the /conf folder and the current access and error logs that show the above test to

    Make sure to do the re-start and send the whole /conf folder just as it was during the above tests.

    Include a link to this thread for reference.


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