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Thread: RTMPT connection times

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    Default RTMPT connection times

    Not sure where what is going on, but I'm seeing some odd connection times when connecting via RTMPT. Like around 20 to 30 seconds. This doesn't seem normal to me. I just upgraded to Wowza 3.1.1 mid July and installed 3.1.2 today. Same issue.

    This seems to be on the FLASH end because when running Wowza in console mode I only see messages right before it connects. I've tried my own AS3 code as well as the simplevideoplayer that comes with Wowza. Both are acting the same when using RTMPT, however RTMP works fine.

    Can anyone verify this or give any troubleshooting tips.


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    This may be because you are not specifying a port, and Wowza is not bound to port 80 which is default port for rtmpt, so the Flash plugin is automatically doing port rollover, timing out and trying different ports. This is not something the player application you are using is doing, it can do it on purpose, but this is something built-in to the plug-in.

    Assuming Wowza is not bound to port 80 you can use one that is bound explicitly. For example:

    Using a port explicitly is supposed to prevent Flash plugin from doing port rollover.

    Or add port 80 to /conf/VHost.xml /HostPort (first one, at top) /Port, and restart Wowza.


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