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Thread: Who should transcode ? Encoder or Wowza ?

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    Default Who should transcode ? Encoder or Wowza ?

    I'm having discussion for our client ABR streaming and still in discussion, and still deciding.

    1) Use hardware based encoder and stream to Wowza..repeating all signals on edge ?
    2) Send 1 high quality stream to Wowza Transcoder and Wowza Edge repeating all transcoded stream in rtmp ?

    What's the pros and cons for item 1 and 2 ?

    We plan to use Amazon EC2 for our deployment but relying on Amazon Load Balancer. The stream will be only in Flash HLS.

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    The pros and cons are as follows :

    1. Pros)
    You could possibly tweak the streams for a little more control over the bitrates being sent
    You wont have to pay the Wowza transcoder fee

    1. Cons)
    Sending multiple streams will use a high amount of bandwidth
    Sending multiple streams from your encoder will result in a higher change of encountering an error
    You will have to try and get support for the transcoder from the manufacturer should something go wrong.

    2. Pros)
    Sending one stream will save you money in bandwidth costs
    Wowza support the Wowza transcoder (Updates, fixes etc).
    Sending one stream from your encoder means that the likelihood of an error is significantly less.

    2. Cons)
    Although the transcoder is supported its also an extra (paid for) service.

    I think I've covered them all.


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