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Thread: Increasing the buffer size for cupertino streaming to have reliable playback of audio

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    Default Increasing the buffer size for cupertino streaming to have reliable playback of audio

    Hi there,

    I am experimenting with a trial version of the Wowza server and my goal right now is to find a way to increase the buffer size for Apple HTTP Live Streaming/cupertino streaming to have reliable playback of audio only when temporarily travelling through an area of low coverage in a cellular network. I am re-streaming audio from an Icecast2 server.

    In Icecast2 servers the burst-size can be set to 5 minutes or so to have a very reliable playback of the audio and a similar setting can be made in Shoutcast servers.

    Are there ways to set the cupertino streaming settings cupertinoChunkDurationTarget, cupertinoMaxChunkCount, cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount, cupertinoRepeaterChunkCount and others, to reach the same effect as described above for Icecast2 and Shoutcast servers?

    I have read but not been able to reach the same effect as in Icecast2 and Shoutcast servers.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    This may work the way you want it but i'm not entirely sure.
    I think if you set the cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount to say 100000 and the cupertinoMaxChunkCount to say 200000 assuming that cupertinoChunkDurationTarget 5000.

    So 200 chunks in the Wowza buffer, 100 in the playlist for iOS, each chunk size at 5 seconds.
    It may give you a longer time delay before the stream starts playing from iOS so it may take some adjusting.

    let us know how you get on.


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    I don't think there is not a way to burst to iOS devices with chunked cupertino streams from Wowza. I'm pretty sure the chunks go out over http without any throttling, i.e., as fast as the network will carry them.


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