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Thread: Question about video/audio in regards to audio codec switch

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    Default Question about video/audio in regards to audio codec switch


    If I start off with a stream of audio only (audio codec of MP3), and then I switch broadcast sources (using the same stream) to now play video and audio of H264/AAC codec, this works. I see video and hear audio fine.

    But, if I start off the opposite such as start a stream with video and audio of H264/AAC and then switch broadcast source to audio only of MP3, this would not work. There would be no audio output.

    I am curious on why this happens. It seems like Wowza has no problem having broadcast source change with adding of video, rather has issue of broadcast source change of stripping of video.

    I have the transcoder video codec as H264 and audio codec as passthru if that matters.

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    The Wowza Transcoder does not generally support changes in audio codec. If some combo/sequence happens to work as far as the Transcoder is concerned it might crash the client anyway. In any case, it is not supported at present.


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