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Thread: Ingest from DVTel / VSIP / RTP multicast

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    Unhappy Ingest from DVTel / VSIP / RTP multicast

    We have an existing security camera system DVTel Latitude, and I'm having problems getting Wowza to ingest from the multicast streams that this makes available.

    I'm lead to believe that the format of these streams merely proxies the inbound streams from the camera, but whether the cameras are configured for VSIP (?) or ONVIF (RTSP/RTP) I can't get Wowza to ingest the stream.

    For that matter I can't get VLC to suck them in either.

    Does anyone have any idea where I might start looking? Anyone got any good tricks for working out what format a RTP multicast is in?


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    I am not sure, I don't know. The first test in troubleshooting a multicast source would be test in VLC, so if that is not working there is something fundamentally wrong with the source, or you are addressing it incorrectly.


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