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Thread: Wowza EC2 Small Instance Capacity

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    Default Wowza EC2 Small Instance Capacity


    We have an event coming up where we will be streaming 2 live video streams to Wowza EC2 Small Instance. We will be streaming 1280 X 720, 700 kbps, 30 fps, VP6 format via FMLE. We anticipate approximately 100 simultaneous viewers of the live stream. I would like to know if the experts (or anyone with similar experience) think the Wowza EC2 Small Instance will handle this kind of load or if we need to upgrade to a medium or large Wowza EC2 instance for the event.

    Any feedback and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much,

    Greg Grillo

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    The small instance gets about 150mbs throughput. So that is just about 200 700kbs streams. So it should work. I would use a m1-xlarge anyway.


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