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Thread: multiple modules with same events

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    Default multiple modules with same events


    What happens when multiple modules with same events are loaded into an application?
    Looking at the post here
    reserved events are called in the order they are included, all of them are called - am I correct?

    Here is my scenario:

    I have an onPublish method defined - this does 2 things, push stream to CDN and also redirect recorded file output to a nas share.
    I want to split this up into separate modules so someone can choose to have 1 or the other or both.

    Am I correct in assuming that having 2 modules 1 which does the CDN push and the other that does the redirect output file, and including both in an application will call both onPublish events?

    The other events I am using are:


    Each of these events will be in both modules.

    Thank you
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    Two Modules can implement IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface, and use the onPublish event. The Module placed above will run first.

    For methods that you override, like play and publish, you have to include this line last.
    invokePrevious(client, function, params);
    Because Wowza will determine command priority based on the order of the modules in the module list. Wowza by default will
    only invoke the last module that defines a given command. This method enables you to call the method by the same name in
    the previous module that defines that command. For example if you have three modules defined in the module list;
    ModuleCore, ModuleSecureURLParams and ModuleMyModule and all three modules implement the "play" command. When
    "play" is invoked it will invoke the "play" command in ModuleMyModule. If in ModuleMyModule you would like to call the
    "play" command in ModuleSecureURLParams, you can call: invokePrevious(this, client, function, params); and it will invoke
    the "play" command defined in ModuleSecureURLParams.

    As in this example.


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    thanks for that clarity Richard !

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