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Thread: MP4 Video On Demand with Subtitle on iOS device.

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    Default MP4 Video On Demand with Subtitle on iOS device.

    Hello. I am currently servicing contents with closed caption.

    With jwplayer, I was able to make closed caption with srt file without merging srt subtitle to mp4.

    However, I am not sure what I supposed to do with embedded player in iOS.

    When I merge srt to mp4, which I service through wowza media server, I still cannot enable caption support on iOS embedded player.

    However, if I directly load mp4 through safari (, I am able to see subtitle option.

    So, my question is,

    1. Is it possible to service closed caption with properly created mp4 which contains subtitle?

    2. Or Is it also possible to make wowza server module to load srt file with non subtitled mp4?


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    Wowza supports streams with data tracks that contain cuepoints and can convert those to ID3 tags for iOS. From what I gather, .srt files are not supported in Wowza.

    Here is an article on converting cuepoints to ID3 tags:

    Wowza is considering other ways of supporting captioning, but any new feature is not imminent as far as I know.


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    Well I dont think ID3 tag is supported by iOS embedded player.
    I tried everything but I do not see subtitle from iOS device what so ever.
    Is it actually possible with iOS embedded player??

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