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Thread: Loop short video clip while user waits for other user to start broadcasting

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    Default Loop short video clip while user waits for other user to start broadcasting

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. Basically at the moment we have a system set up where a user can view another users webcam via an RTMP stream, however if the original user clicks on the 'play' icon before the broadcast starts, the screen is just blank. Is it possible to play a short video clip informing the user that the broadcast will start soon etc

    Please any tips could be gratefully appreciated!

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    There is not a built-in way to do this, but with Flash RTMP client and Wowza module it is doable. You can see if the stream is live like this:

    Then if not, play a vod file. Meanwhile keep checking for the live stream.

    JW Player has a livestream reconnector plugin, but I don't think it will play a filler video


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    Another option would be to use RPC/Shared Objects (see the Wowza User Guide). Configure your flash player to play the VOD file until the publishing client notifies the others to switch. Yet another way would be to just use a Wowza module that listens for onPublish then switches to the live stream on the server side.

    So, you've got several possibilities.

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