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Thread: VOD Streaming Server architecture design

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    Default VOD Streaming Server architecture design


    I'm doing proposals for our key client in Malaysia and here's the scenario.

    Our client will do the video encoding and store the videos into thier storage locally and Origin Wowza will mount the storage. we plan to deliver the video using these protocols
    - HTTP Flash
    - RTMP Flash
    - iOS HLS
    - RTSP
    eg : rtmp://<ORIGIN>/vod/mp4:sample.mp4

    And our cdn ( which is Wowza Edges scattered in local datacenters and Amazon E2 ), will repeat the origin
    eg: rtmp://<EDGE>/vod/mp4:sample.mp4

    That's our plan so far. Or should I use MediaCache ?

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    Right, use MediaCache for vod instead:

    An RTMP origin is for live stream repeating. With MediaCache your web server is the origin.


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