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Thread: Is this performance normal for the transcoder Addon?

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    Default Is this performance normal for the transcoder Addon?

    Server Specs

    Windows Server 2008 64 Bit
    Processor - Intel Xeon E5520 2.27 Ghz x 2
    Memory - 6 GB Ram
    1 Gbps Network Port

    Wowza Version 3.1.2 Build 1624

    Incoming Stream - 1000kbps h264 64kbps aac audio 1280x720 24FPS

    Stream 1 - passthrough
    Stream 2 - 600 kbps video - Codec - H.264 - 1280x720 - Main profile -Audio Passthrough -
    Stream 3 - 300 kbps video - Codec - H.264 - 960x540 - Basline - Audio passthrough

    Performance Tuning
    Running Java 1.7.0 in server mode
    Configured processor counts, memory etc according to the performance guides.

    When running 1 stream in with the two transrates outlined above and only one person viewing the stream the server shows an average of 25% CPU usage going to Java (Wowza)

    If I send a second incoming stream and do the same two transrates the CPU usage averages about 50%

    So my question. Is it normal to have that high of CPU usage with only a few transrates happening on the server and no other load on the server?

    IF it is not normal are there any suggestions as to what to do to reduce it?

    James Newman

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    Transcoding uses a lot of processing capacity. Take a look at these benchmarks:


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    Richard I did look at those and if I am reading it right that is why It seems like the load I am seeing is much to high.

    Looking at the chart I would say my system is closest to Server 5

    Processor: Dual Intel Xeon CPU X5650 @ 2.66GHz
    Cores/Threads: 12/24
    Memory: 12 GB
    Motherboard: SuperServer 7046GT-TRF 4U Xeon DP 4xGPU Ready
    OS: Fedora 15 64 Bit
    Java: Java 7 64-bit
    GPU/Acceleration: None

    Granted Server 5 as speced above is slightly more power full then mine in that it has 24 total threads vs 16 total threads possible, has a sightly better processer speed and a bit more ram. However neither use GPU acceleration.

    Does it seem reasonable that Server 5 in the performance benchmarks can do 5x the number of transrates at the same CPU load as what the server I described that I am using can do with its hardware?

    James Newman

    However If I am reading the chart correctly for that server to get to 50% load it can take

    7 x 720p @ 1.8 Mbps
    7 x 720p (passthru)
    7 x 360p
    7 x 240p
    7 x 160p

    So that's 7 incoming streams all being transrated to three different bit rates with one passthrough. So that is 21 Transrates. With my setup to get to 50% load I can only do 4 transrates.

    I realize that Server 5 has better hardware then the server I am currently using. More cores, More Ram and a slightly faster clock speed. However based on my testing as stated above I can only do 4 transrates before I hit 50% load. Server 5 in the performance sheet is doing 5 times more transrates for a total of 21 to get to 50% load.

    I just want to make sure I am not missing something in the configuration that might allow me to double the amount of transrates I could do with my current hardware.

    James Newman
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    can you found any answer? i have more powerfull than server 2 but the result is less than it. i can only 6 to 12. can you share your experiences?

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