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    Default Applicationname in subdomain

    Dear Wowza Support team,

    is it somehow possible to rewrite incoming URL requests in order to map it to the common Wowza application name system?

    In my scenario we have to take over an old media center on a web page where each show was referenced with a different subdomain.


    In order to host it with our Wowza streaming server I have to transfer these URLs to


    to load a different config file for each application.
    However, I did not find a way so far on how to do this.

    I found the StreamAlias addon, but it seems that it can only rewrite the part after the domain name?
    A classic url rewrite with the web server rewrite mechanism will not work because it listens on port 80 and not on a RTMP/RTSP port.
    And it is no VHosts scenario because all URLs point to the same IP address and Wowza does not support domain-based VHosts as far as I know.

    I "simply" need to tell the Wowza server, that the application name information is in the subdomain of the request URL in order to continue to use the historically grown domain name scheme.

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes this can be done here's a tutorial,


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    Thanks Jason, that's exactly what I was looking for .-)


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    Hi Jason,

    the solution works like a charm, for RTMP.

    Can I also use a similar approach to redirect RTSP or HTTP:1935 Cupertino requests?
    Currently, the VHostListener seems only to be invoked in the RTMP case, at least I only get a prinln console output from my IVHostNotify class when I invoke a RTMP URL.

    So far, I have only added a VHostListener entry to my custom jar in the Server.xml


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    Take a look at this guide:


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    Hi Richard,

    thanks for your suggestion.
    I tested the approach for RTSP and HTTP Cupertino requests today and found two issues...

    My scenario was to request an URL like rtsp://show1.[serverurl].com/Videos/20110301.mp4
    which should be redirected to rtsp://show1.[serverurl].com/show1/_definst_/Videos/20110301.mp4
    before processing to meet the Wowza naming scheme requirements.

    1. The ModuleBase class extension with my own onRTPSessionCreate method seems only to be processed if an appropriate Application directory exists and if the requested file can be found in the file system within the content directory. If my original requested URL does not contain an existing application name it seems that the onRTPSessionCreate is not invoked at all. (However, in the RTMP case mentioned above, the IVHostNotify approach does the job perfectly)

    Is there another appropriate method in the Wowza request pipeline to handle such a requested URL beforehand?

    2. I haven't found a solution so far on how to build the complete target URL on which to redirect.
    I can use rtpSession.getServerIp() to get the target server domain, concatenate it with my application identifier (extracted from the given subdomain) and additionally with the app_instance name, but how do I access the requested file name or path from onRTPSessionCreate?

    rtpSession.redirectSession("rtsp://" + ipAddressServer + "/" + subdomain + "/_definst_/" + file);

    I know that my scenario might seem a little bit odd, but I am interested if there is any way on how to accomplish this internal redirection of RTSP/HTTP requests to a corresponding Wowza application .

    Thanks in advance,

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    You have to have an application name in a rtsp url. And the file you are redirecting to has to exist, there is no way around that.


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