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Thread: HLS stream sudden skip

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    Default HLS stream sudden skip

    Hi, we see random sudden skips on our HLS, the skip is always forward , not to a particular point and at no particular time, mediastreamvalidator results are fine, i can't find anything in the logs, any hint would be appreciated, the server CPU or I/O are not under any stress.

    (WMS 3.1.2 patch 4, Latest MediaCache)
    Update: we use BDNS i think the reason for the skip was that the player is not "sticky" so i used
    together with:

    to force the player to a single server once it made the initial request

    I think that was the issue
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    You may have an odd key frame frequency which is not a factor of the default cupertinoChunkDurationTarget (which 10000 milliseconds or 10 seconds). Try changing the key frame frequency of the stream to 2 seconds. Or try changing cupertinoChunkDurationTarget to a multiple of key frame frequency. See this guide for more details:


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