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Thread: stream over internet to dedicated server http

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    Default stream over internet to dedicated server http

    i have a problem with wowza server.

    I want to stream my game on the computer to the other people in the world.

    so, i have one fiber optique connection at home and one dedicated server.

    configuration :
    dedicated server->wowza server

    On my computer at home i want to use wirecast and send it with multicast to the dedicated computer who will use wowza server.

    i have many friends who can only stream like vlc done http://ip : port

    So i have searched on the forum and didn't find what i need.

    Can someone can help me?

    Thanks you

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    If you are planning on streaming your screen while you are playing a game and sending that stream to a Wowza server then that sounds fine.

    you can find a tutorial on RTMP based encoders here,

    The only problem with this is that Wowza can't generate a stream in the form of http://[IP]:[Port] but can do HLS if you want to connect via http.

    Let us know if you have any issues.


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