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Thread: Dynamically control LiveStream

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    Default Dynamically control LiveStream


    I have some questions on how to achieve this goal

    I'll build a Filtering CMS to control these :

    Manipulate stream on Wowza Server
    For example from 6am - 8am the stream will use contents/ mapped to rtmp://localhost/live/tv1

    On 8am - 10am, I'll change the source of contents/ to rtmp://localhost/live/tv1

    But on my video code, I'll still using http://<server-ip>/live/

    I plan to change the .stream file dynamically using PHP.

    Is that the correct way to achieve this ?
    Do I need to restart wowza everytime .stream file changed ?

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    So you have two streams: and

    You said you'll be using in your video player. When does get played?

    It seems that you want to switch streams. There are many ways to do that.

    You can make a scheduler .smil to cause one streamname to switch between different sources:

    You can delete and create .stream files and make them available automatically with a module:

    Perhaps one of this is what you want to do?

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    Yeah..either SMIL or Startup Streams........

    Thanks a lot

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