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Thread: How to re-stream from manifest.f4m

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    Default How to re-stream from manifest.f4m

    Hello, we have Wowza Media Server 2 Perpetual build27547

    And we want re-stream from our partner.
    Source stream from our partner work fine here
    URL of source stream is

    I try re-stream it by Wowza like here

    Page with result but it is does not work! Whats wrong?


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    Wowza does not support ingest of packetized streams. You can re-stream (h.264 video and aac or mp3 audio) over rtmp, rtsp, udp. The guide you are following is for rtsp, which is usually an IP camera.

    What is the source of that stream? If that stream is available over rtmp from FMIS server, perhaps, follow this guide


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