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Thread: Highlights of recorded stream

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    Default Highlights of recorded stream


    I am allowing users to stream live and also using Wowza to record it as a backup. I now want to be able to create a 1 minute highlight reel of the stream which will be cut down from the backup. Anyone have any ideas how I could achieve this?

    Many thanks for any replies!

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    One way is play a slice. For Flash RTMP client you can do it like this:

    For HTTP clients:

    There is no RTSP equivalent.

    Or, you can use FFmpeg
    ffmpeg -y -i sample.mp4 -acodec copy -vcodec copy -ss 00:00:00 -t 01:00:30 slice.mp4

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    great thanks!

    Going a bit off the topic here but we are automating this from php and java. Do you know how robust ffmpeg is by calling from exec methods from inside php and java. What I mean is, I have used command line tools in the past from php and they are quite buggy, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't!

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