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Thread: nDVR - 404 error after some time on adaptive streams

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    Default nDVR - 404 error after some time on adaptive streams


    we have reported an error with adaptive DVR streams.
    Single profile streams work fine from the same application, but when we try to load a SMIL file with the same streams, we get 404 errors on the chunk lists.
    This does not happen immidiately after starting Wowza, but after some time and we cannot determine why it happens.
    Has anyone had similar problems?

    Even when adaptive DVR stream give 404, the separate streams work fine in all players.
    We've opened a ticket with Wowza support (ticket #35414), but so far no progress.

    Can anyone help?


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    There was a very specific problem that was fixed in a patch. If you are experiencing the same problem, please email and reference this thread.


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