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Thread: domain name issues for http streaming

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    Default domain name issues for http streaming

    Hi. We have the wowza server 3 and have been streaming both RTMP flash streaming and cupertino http streaming with no issues. Recently we had a server crash and after restoration, we have a problem resolving the cupertino http stream to our domain name.

    The flash stream resolves fine in the traditional format:
    Server: rtmp://
    Stream: myStream

    The Cupertino stream URL that USED TO RESOLVE to my domain name does not work any more:

    However, substituting the IP address for our domain name streams fine:

    http://[server IP Address]:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8

    I'm not sure why this works for rtmp and not for http. Any ideas?

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    This appears to be the same issue as thread #19534.

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