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Thread: Live and Vod applications

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    Default Live and Vod applications

    Scenario: I stream live using an application called live. The file is saved on NAS. After the live stream. I'm able to view the vod using an application called vod.
    Question: Is it possible to view the vod file without having to use a separate application?


    Live: rtmp://domain/live/mp4:livestream_082812
    VOD: rtmp://domain/vod/mp4:livestream_082812.mp4

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    You can do it with Flash RTMP client by doing, for example:"setStreamType", null, "default")
    // then create new NetStream object with the netconnection
    var netstreamVOD:NetStream = new NetStream(netconnection);"mp4:sample.mp4");
    It can be done server-side in a application module, onConnect
    These methods only work for Flash RTMP clients


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    Thanks for the quick response. Could you please provide a sample of the server side code in an application?

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