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Thread: rtp unicast re-stream to rtmp

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    Default rtp unicast re-stream to rtmp

    I have a RTP unicast stream being pushed to my Wowza server on port 10000. I want to rebroadcast it over RTMP. Does this involve a transcode? I have followed this guide . I setup a file with udp://@:10000 I am not able to connect to the server for playback using rtsp://server:1935/live/
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    Hi Ryan,

    It only needs to be transcoded if the source stream is not supported by Wowza by default. See the Quick Start Guide or the User Guide for info on supported codecs.

    You can describe your unicast stream, and what encoder you're using to push to Wowza. Usually an RTP stream will have an associated SDP file. Check your encoder documentation. If your encoder can generate an SDP file then use the "RTP with SDP" tutorial.

    Otherwise, for your .stream file try: udp://

    Is the source a camera? In that case you'll need to figure out the Camera's RTP/RTSP publish point (URI).

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