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Thread: Change default server/stream

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    Question Change default server/stream

    Hello everyone,

    I am using the examples --> simplevideostreaming --> client to view my wowza server but i would like to know if there is any way to "autofill" the SERVER and STREAM boxes so that i dont have to typein my info everytime i open the client webpage.

    any help is appreciated. i already tried looking on the html file and cant find a place where it pulls in the default "localhost" for server and "mp4:sample.mp4" for stream.

    i was also wondering if i could make an index page with hyperlinks to all my content. all links would point to the client page and maybe they could have the server & stream info in the hyperlink? not too good on web programming, but just a thought.

    Thanks in advance,

    Juan Cruz

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    The player examples are not meant for production use. However, you can edit the .as files to accomplish what you want using Adobe Flash Builder. Or, you can use a commercial player such as Flowplayer or JWPlayer.

    Regarding your index page idea: yes you can. You can specify the location of the content directory in your Application.xml. If you're new, it's good to read through the User Guide, as that might give you additional ideas to accomplish your goals.

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