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Thread: Recording AAC in ADTS transport instead of MP4

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    Default Recording AAC in ADTS transport instead of MP4

    I am streaming AAC-encoded audio into Wowza, which is wrapping it in a MP4 container before re-streaming/recording.

    I'm fine with onward live streaming in MP4 format but I would like to record to disk in a plain ADTS wrapper. Is this possible to achieve?

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    No, your options are flv or mp4 files.


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    Ok, I thought so - thanks.

    Is it possible to extract the AAC from the MP4 container without re-encoding? What would the ffmpeg command be for this?

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    I believe that you can do this with ffmpeg and the command is :
    ffmpeg -i [file name] -acodec copy outputfile.aac


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