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Thread: cpu load problem-Is it normal?

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    Default cpu load problem-Is it normal?

    We have tuned the server accoring to the article.

    Use top , we found Wowza CPU is about 400%. The whole system cpu load is about 40%.

    Is it normal?

    We have a real time conference system bulit on Wowza. We found the high cpu bring some unexpteted issue.

    The audio is only about 4k for each channel. At most 1000 concurrent person online.

    Is there any way to decrease the cpu load?


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    What is java heap size? Try backing it down some to give the system room. Wowza/Java reserves that much (heap size) memory. Also, monitor with JMX/JConsole to see what Wowza how much memory is actually being used


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    thanks. Xmx is 3000M . So it's not heap size problem. I have ussed Jconsole. Thanks. I will reopen another post.

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