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Thread: RTMP Live Stream and Adobe Air, Sandbox Violation on Bitmap.draw

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    Unhappy RTMP Live Stream and Adobe Air, Sandbox Violation on Bitmap.draw

    I have an Adobe Air application which plays a LIVE stream from a Wowza server.
    My Air application captures video frames and uses them as textures in a 3D scene.

    The problem is, I have an intermittent error
    (Error #2123: Security sandbox violation)
    , when I call Bitmap.draw() on the video component.
    If I stop the stream and reconnect every 4 seconds (random time), on the N-th time, the Bitmap draws successfully. Once it draws successfully It works all the way through, until I next time I need to load a LIVE stream.

    The problem does not occur with recorded, streams, so I'm convinced its not a configuration problem i.e. in application.xml or crossdomain.xml

    The current situation:
    - I have set videoSampleAccess to true (*)
    - I have loaded the crossdomain policy file.
    - Not drawing image when video buffering

    PS: When I am running in debug mode, the problem NEVER occurs.

    Could someone please suggest a solution.

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    Hi gdotTheKing,

    I wish I could help, but these are the Wowza support forums. Your issue doesn't appear to be a Wowza side problem. Certainly there is not a certain video frame which differs in security from the others. Your best bet is to investigate this using the Adobe Air support resources.

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    You are probably doing Bitmap.draw in a NetStatusEvent handler right when you getting some NetStream notification. There's a trick to this, you need to add a little timeout, then do it. It can be a few milliseconds.


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    @Randall: My assumption was that there might be some setting on Wowza I'm overlooking, because I'm not having the problem with FMS.

    @Richard: I have an onEnterFrame event handler which does the drawing. I wait till the video is loaded and completely buffered before attempting to capture it.

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