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Thread: How many threads will be good for server?

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    Default How many threads will be good for server?

    I have done the perfomance tuning. Now we use virtual hosting. It seems we can't do performance tuning according to the Wowza recommendation for every virtual hosts.

    We did a conference system and we set up 3 vitural hosts. One is for meeting control. One is for audio and video . The other one is for stream media.

    I think the more threads the higher cpu load.

    We have a dual processor system. For a conference system, we just forward audio to all clients. If we use too many threads, I think maybe it will decrease the performance of the system.

    RTMP is in TCP connection. So we find the delay will increase with the cpu load is high. So many threads maybe is not a good idea for real time conference system.

    Does the Wowza has an recommendation for maxium threads number?

    We really hope Wowza can roll out new version based on UDP transportation. Otherwise it's not good for conference system.

    Thanks for any advice

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    The peak threads number in our system is 673.
    Why so many threads? seems not good. I'm very worry about delay. If the server is too busy to forward the audio data, it will start to drop the audio package

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    To lower the total system threads used by Wowza you can use just one vHost instead of three.

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