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Thread: CDN Push Publish with Liverepeater-edge

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    Default CDN Push Publish with Liverepeater-edge

    I am trying to use the Push Publisher Addon with liverepeater-edge applications.
    I have looked at the forum threads and have tried the following setup:

    Application origin with liverepeater-origin
    Application edge with liverepeater-edge with PushPublish module
    /content/ with rtmp://url/origin/_definst_/livestream
    Im using streammanager to start this stream in liverepeater type.

    I can view the stream from the edge just fine. rtmp://url/origin; stream: -> this works fine

    Question 1:
    I see the stream being pushed to CDN as - can i get the original streamname from the origin here before pushing to CDN so I can keep the same name ? (livestream).
    I want to be able to use it here: publisher.setDstStreamName(original stream name from the .stream file)
    I can do it by actually reading the file, but is there another way? since im sure wowza will need to read the actual rtmp:// in the file anyways

    Question 2:
    Also, when I add this to startupstreams.xml to autostart, how I can check if the at that point is pointing to a working stream and not blank ?
    I dont want to constantly hammer the CDN trying to push nothing (the startupstreams.xml is firing the onpublish even when the origin is not streaming anything)

    Thank you
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    1: In the onPublish handler you can get use stream.getName()

    2: There is nothing built-in to Wowza to do that, in fact it conflicts with Wowza default behavior. If you start a stream with .stream extension and no such file exists, Wowza will keep looking for it. If the url in the .stream file is not reachable Wowza will keep trying to reach it. Flash RTMP client has complimentary default behavior, will play a non-existent live stream indefinitely, then start audio and/or video playback if and whenever it appears.


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