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    I have a very odd problem. With Wowza (tested with 2.2.4, 3.0.4 and 3.1.2) streaming mp4 files and play this files in STB, sometimes the audio starts at 5 seconds, 8 seconds. And sometimes, the same media plays with this problem and sometimes not.

    Exist some option, like buffer setting or frenquency, that cause this issue? I'm use vod default xml and I'm tried only mp4. The STB player don't play mp3 files.



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    Hi guilacerda,

    Pleae provide the following information:

    1. Do you mean that the playback is missing the first 5 seconds of audio, or you have 5 seconds of startup latency?
    2. Post the media for download.
    3. STB Model and software version.
    4. Playback URL.
    5. Does the file play normally in a different player such as flash on your desktop?

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