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Thread: nDVR not working in Origin/Edge onfiguration when stream name contains forward slash

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    Default nDVR not working in Origin/Edge onfiguration when stream name contains forward slash

    I have setup an nDVR Origin/Edge configuration as documented from

    When publishing to the Origin with a stream name of "dvr-stream", playback functionality from the edge works fine if I use the URL

    If I publish to the Origin using a stream name of "dvr-stream/name" and try to playback from the edge using

    in the Origin log I see

    WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerAdapterDvrChunkStreamer.getRawChunks[dvr-origin/dvr-stream/name/name.0]: No DVR Store found.
    WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerAdapterDvrChunkStreamer.onDvrChunk[dvr-origin/dvr-stream/name.0/ChunkTypes(8)/ChunkIndexes(15).dvr] : 403 : Unable to repeat: name.0.

    and in the edge log I see

    WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.getDvrCupertinoFragments[dvr-edge/_definst_/dvr-stream/name/dvr-stream/name.0] : No audio or video record found. i:10 a:{DvrManifestChunkEntry ty:8 index:10 start:43096 stop:44699 duration:1603 pt:43096 utc:1346880146107(Sep 5, 2012 2:22:26 PM)} v:{DvrManifestChunkEntry ty:9 index:10 start:43100 stop:44666 duration:1566 pt:43100 utc:1346880146111(Sep 5, 2012 2:22:26 PM)}

    Looking in the DVR storage directory on Origin it looks like the content is being stored correctly in


    Is this a configuration issue on my side or a bug in Wowza? I am running the latest build 3.1.2.

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    The message indicates that the DVR recorded store cannot be found on the origin and that the edge server cannot pull the stream from the origin. It sounds like it is an issue with the live stream repeater configuration. Send a zip of [install-dir]/conf and logs directories to and reference this thread so we can review your configuration details.


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