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Thread: How to pass variables/data to a module from HTTProvider?

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    Default How to pass variables/data to a module from HTTProvider?

    This forum has helped answer a lot of questions!
    I have successfully setup a HTTProvider to start and stop the mediaCaster. I also have successfully created the "" and got the file moving to work too.

    What I can not figure out is how to pass a string and it's data from HTTProvider to


    In the HTTProvider, i'll have a
    if (params.containsKey("customerID")) {customerID = params.get("customerID").get(0);}

    Now I need to access that Param in which contains

    public void onWriteComplete(IMediaStream stream, File file){

    //I need to access the param/variable customerID here so I can rename a file using the passed ID...


    How do I do that?


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    You can't do this with the "onWriteComplete" function because this is function tells you that the file has been closed because its been completed.
    I think you'll need to write your own "move" code rather than the one that ships with Wowza.


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