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Thread: RTMPT http tunneling result very high http get requests

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    Post RTMPT http tunneling result very high http get requests


    I'm using rtmpt protocol streaming live and vod video ( reason, to pass a corporate reverse http proxy).
    However, I've performance issues, the http get request is extremly high with relative low number of connections! How can I increase the http get buffer size to reduce the get request? I'm using Wowza version 2.2.4.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try a longer key frame frequency (i.e., higher gop) because Wowza breaks chunks on key frames for RTMPT delivery.


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    Hi Richard,

    I've tried with your suggestion to increase the key frame interval, here is my test data :

    The live stream is rtp stream : 500kb/s, resolution 320*240

    playback with Wowza provided test flash player using rtmpt protocol :

    Key frame interval http request
    1 sec ~ 525 requests/60s
    2 sec ~ 540 requests/60s
    3 sec ~ 560 requests/60s
    4 sec ~ 530 requests/60s
    5 sec ~ 620 requests/60s

    Clearly these data didn't show me the effects of decreased number of http requests by increased key frame interval,
    did I something wrong? Can you give me some more advice?

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