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Thread: Multibitrate HTTP Live Streaming on Android 3+

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    Default Multibitrate HTTP Live Streaming on Android 3+

    Hello there,

    we are currently trying to move to HLS for modern Android devices. We are using multi bitrate switching with 4 bitrates (CupertinoPacketizer).

    The problem that we face is that the sequence numbers differ between the formats, and Android devices fail to switch to a different bitrate, if they can't find the same sequence numbers in the target file.

    Our encoders are set to a keyframe interval of 2 seconds and the chunk size is set to 6 seconds.

    The video is transfered using rtsp between the encoders and the wowza servers. So it's possible that a packet is lost or other problems occur.

    We already know about the solution here. But we would prefer a solution, that only resets the packetizer or sequence numbers instead of all streams, so rtmp streams to clients are not interfered.


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    Each stream has to be key frame aligned with each other. You can see if that is happening by enabling this debug Property:


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    Just a followup on this. We fixed it for ourself now, by writing a module that checks all sequence numbers and restarts the streams, if they differ too much.

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