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    Default Audio recording from Android


    We were able to do audio recording/publishing using a flash player and send the audio packet streams to a wowza server using RTMP and save it as FLV (SPEEX). Now, we are looking for a way to do this using an Android phone.

    Android does not have support for RTMP by default. So, is there a way to do this aside from RTMP? How about recording/publishing using HTTP? Note that we only need audio, no video stream.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    You can use the Wowza Transcoder to transcode the audio to AAC. Take a look at this guide


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    Sorry, but for this thread, I am more interested in publishing audio recordings to wowza using an Android device. Do you have a documentation for this?


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    Sorry. Take a look at bigvencoder

    I have not tried it (don't have an Android device) and haven't heard any substantial reports about it either. Let us know how it works if you try it.


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    Thank you, this sounds interesting. I'll take a look at this one.

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