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Thread: VideoWhisper live chat recoding by livestreamrecorder

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    Post VideoWhisper live chat recoding by livestreamrecorder

    I need to record videowhisper live chat using LiveStreamRecorder_3.0 .
    I have an interface of vidoewhisper app which is use to publish live chat and for that I have an path of rtmp://serverpath/videowhisper
    which is working perfect .
    but how this is possible to record that multuser video live stream by using ModuleLiveStreamRecorder App using the path rtmp://serverpath/ModuleLiveStreamRecorder

    Please give me suitable suggestion for that.

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    There is not a practical way to record a chat. You can record each stream, but putting them together in sync would be difficult.


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    All server stream sessions (non P2P) can be archived server side as flv files. This must be configured for the rtmp application: .
    Our Wowza plans come with special configured rtmp address to archive streams in a folder.

    To archive all chat one of the users needs to use screen sharing or screen recorder.
    Screen sharing is possible with external tools:

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrlanham View Post

    There is not a practical way to record a chat. You can record each stream, but putting them together in sync would be difficult.

    Thanks for your sharing this AVCHAT module in flex (Action script) its very awesome and easy to understand.
    But now i am stuck on point and that is i also want a video recording in it.
    Is that possible in it.??
    if yes than how?
    Thanks in advance.

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    As mentioned in previous replies, all streams published to rtmp server can be recorded individually.
    This is done by configuring in Application.xml :
    You can also configure destination of recordings in <StorageDir> .

    For our solutions this is documented in .

    If you want to include some other module to manage recordings, that's also possible from Application.xml <Modules> section.

    To record whole conference (all participants) in same video there are 2 solutions:
    1) Easiest way: A moderator can use a screen recording application to record the conference page zone from his desktop.
    2) Record all streams and combine videos side by side with ffmpeg (after the conference). Some latency adjustments may be required for each video, depending on video file time or or method of identifying exactly when each user started broadcasting. Then video can be combined with something like:
    ffmpeg -i input0.avi -vf "movie=input1.avi [in1]; [in]pad=640*2:352[in0]; [in0][in1] overlay=640:0 [out]" out.avi
    Contact our developers by tickets with more details about your setup, if you want a quote for such setup.

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