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Thread: EC2 AWS Loadbalancer and ABR Bitrate Switching

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    Default EC2 AWS Loadbalancer and ABR Bitrate Switching

    I have 2 Wowza Server running behind AWS LoadBalancer and here's the sample stream


    - 360p
    - 240p
    - 160p

    The AWS Load Balancer address is "http:///

    The bitrate switching is happening but not sync. Says from 360p to 240p, the AWS will redirect to another server and the stream will repeat the same video for like 5 seconds.

    So far the solution is to use direct Wowza IP instead of AWS LB.

    Or I should use SMIL instead of NGRP on the EDGE ?

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    The Wowza load balancer is not involved in streaming. It only shows the least loaded edge server at any moment. The client connects to that edge server and streaming begins there.


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