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Thread: Live streaming pay per view

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    Default Live streaming pay per view

    my customer transmit a football match and want that the customer pay for view the live stream .
    so, i want ask if is necessary some configuration about protection @ Wowza server site, in particular if is possible protect the streming link with
    univocal code for avoid fraudolent stream view .
    any customer have already experience about this configuration ?
    what can i do for make secure this environment ? is available some web solution able to working with Wowza server for pay per view solution ?



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    There isn't anything built in to Wowza to support this, but a module can be developed to support authentication against an external service, or authentication against an external service.

    The idea here is that you would develop a web service to allow users to log in or otherwise authenticate, and the webservice would generate an authentication token that would be provided in the request for the stream (as either a GET variable or connection argument in the case of RTMP, and a GET variable in the case of HTTP and RTSP requests). When the request is received on the Wowza side, the wowza module would then either authenticate the token internally, or make a call to the webservice to authenticate externally.

    Regardless, the payment structure and user management will happen outside of the wowza environment.

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    Hi jay,
    about Wowza environment you have already experience or just already use this module ? i'm not a developer and just looking if someone can help me to make this if my customer confirm me this work . no problem 4 payment structure outside Wowza, i need only help 4 manage Wowza stream in this environment...


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