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Thread: HLS for computers or HLS for mobile devices and RTMPE for computers ?

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    Question HLS for computers or HLS for mobile devices and RTMPE for computers ?


    I using Wowza with Flash (by Flowplayer) in RTMPTE.

    So, i would like to use streaming on demand on iOS.
    I want to use HLS with multibitrates.

    Is HLS with multibitrates usable on computer (with JW Player by example) ?

    Else, if not, i go to use HLS for iOS and Android, and RTMPTE for computers.
    In this case, how can i simply do multibitrates streaming with Flash/RTMPE ?


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    Take a look at this article:

    And this, which shows html5 failover


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    The latest VLC Media Player (2.0.3) can play HLS URLs, as can its Mozilla browser plugin. The VLC browser plugin is a little clunky, but I have found it's an option for some viewers where RTMP and RTSP traffic is blocked by restrictive firewall. Unfortunately other desktop player/plugins don't support HLS and probably never will.

    Otherwise, your best bet is JW Player with HTML5 fallback. That's definitely the most elegant solution thus far for reaching both desktop and mobile viewers.

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