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Thread: Live stream recording (Problem)

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    Default Live stream recording (Problem)


    Wowza (3.0.5) is recording ~ 40 streams and in error logs there are bunch of these messages:

    ERROR server comment 2012-09-16 09:09:21 QTWriterContextTrack.flush[/records/xxx.mp4:write]: Input/output error

    Wowza is running on linux.
    Storage(linux) is mounted with nfs;

    export: rw,no_root_squash,sync,mp;
    nfs mount: rw,remount,noatime,tcp,soft,bg;

    All records in this time are defected.

    It is obvious that problem is in storage (Or not?!).
    On network I can see packet drops when this error happens.

    Q: Is there another way to use network storage to be sure that records are in good quality?
    Different nfs parameters?


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    Could be a few things I'm aware of :
    1.) Your nfs is broken (network issue)
    2.) The storage location is full
    3.) A disk in the storage array is broken


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    Thanks JasonH for help!

    1) That it! It is network related issue.
    2) Storage have used 50 % of space
    3) All storage disks are good.

    I find that when wowza is writing on network storage with 500mbit speed.
    In wireshark i see: Pauses that the speed is about ~null and after some time it jumps up. (__~null__---500mbit---__null__---500mbit--- etc...)

    Q:Can be limit set in Wowza for writing speed? (to slow it down)
    Or take out these null points. (write smaller amount of data without delay)

    Can this help? :
    I find some info but I don`t know how to calculate these values correctly
    VHost.xml (

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