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Thread: ModuleRTMPAuthenticate and Amazon EC2 ELB

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    Default ModuleRTMPAuthenticate and Amazon EC2 ELB

    Hi all.

    Using Amazon EC2 ELB and trying to get RTMP authentication with ModuleRTMPAuthenticate. The load balancer is balancing port 1935.

    Without ModuleRTMPAuthenticate, we can stream to the ELB fine. With ModuleRTMPAuthenticate, we can stream if and only if exactly one Wowza server is active; if there are two alive, authentication fails 100% of the time. In this case, attempting to stream directly to either (instead of the ELB) does work, and taking either down allows us to stream through the ELB to the other with successful authentication as well.

    Anyone have any suggestions for RTMP authentication through Amazon ELB?

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    Why ELB? (I don't have experience with ELB.) Have you considered Wowza Dynamic Load Balancer, which is very simple system that just tracks least loaded edge for clients to connect to, and is not involved in actual streaming


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