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Thread: onDisconnect not always called?

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    Question onDisconnect not always called?

    I have a simple library that keeps track number of concurrent connections for each user to prevent abuse.
    For RTMP whenever play() is called, add one to the hashtable, and onDisconnect() is called, subtract one from the hashtable.

    It has been working great until recently. According to the log file, sometime the client just went away without onDisconnect being called. Concurrent count for the user will keep going up for each play request until it reaches the limit.

    Am I doing this right? Or do I have to use other method to detect client disconnect?


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    OnDisconnect() will always be called when a client leave due to a disconnect or a timeout.

    Have you changed something recently in your Wowza configuration or code configuration?
    Was this code you put together definitely working before or is it possible you have just discovered that it didn't work from the beginning?


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    The sourcecode for the connectioncounts HTTPProvider is here.

    Take a look at that for a working example. If you find that the unmodified connectioncounts HTTPProvider is not correctly reporting the counts, please mention this and someone will point you towards a tutorial for submitting a bug report.

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