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Thread: Stream Schedule Problem . I can not make it work ?

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    Default Stream Schedule Problem . I can not make it work ?

    About a few days I tried to do the video program list.
    I added the .jar
    edit the xml's .

    I did what the article said. I use wowza server 3 . But the article in the wowza 2 .

    But when I start the wowza
    ServerListenerStream publisher started.
    "" .. Failed to get Application can not run .

    in example there are two streams
    Stream1 and Stream2 . If I'm not mistaken , I missed the point how can I start this stream ?
    IN a stream manager ? or with vlc or ffmpeg send a request for starting rtmp://localhost/live/Stream1 to create them .
    Cause In a LİveVİdeo Stream example it said The stream not found .
    can anyone help me ?

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    Create an application named "live", make the /conf/live/Application.xml /StreamType "live"

    If you want to start these streams in another application, add this Property to the /conf/Server.xml /Properties list:


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    I did it Richard , thanks for replying I'M waiting for you .
    The live app already created by the example.bat files , and all the configrutaion I did .Only
    I cant understand that
    There are two stream in smil file ,
    do I need to start that stream @ streammanager ?
    or send video in live stream with ffmpeg like rtmp://localhost/live/Stream1 & Stream2 ?
    Or All I need that open Play Live Stream Example And write Stream1 and watch the play list ?
    I copy and paste the collection.jar
    also tried to complie the java and package it to jar and move it to lib folder .
    Still doesn't work ?
    should I edit the live.fla ?

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    Re-start Wowza, test what you are trying to do, then zip up and send conf and logs folders to

    Include a link to this thread for reference.


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    i followed this step,,

    The steps I followed are
    1. Copied wms-plugin-collection.jar to [install-dir]\lib
    2. Created folder with name "ModuleStreamControl in [install-dir]\applications folder.
    3. Created folder with name "ModuleStreamControl" in [install-dir]\conf\ folder.
    4. Copied Application.xml from [install-dir]\conf to [install-dir]\conf\ModuleStreamControl make it live and other config .
    5. Added following listener to /conf/Server.xml /ServerListeners:
    6. Added following properties to /conf/Server.xml /Properties:
    </Property> smile files is the same with here.

    But i have error like ServerListenerStreamPublisher: Failed to get Application can not run.
    And I cant watch the playlist
    Stream1 not found it said.

    I did the same Richard

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    According to the article you can add PublishToApplication and PublishToVhost if you are using something other than an application named "live" in the default VHost. Remove those two properties in your case, because you do have an application named "live" and it is probably in the default VHost. Again, remove those two properties, then re-start Wowza.


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    OHh I see . I thought that , I use live but in my php web site
    I'll stream over the another app. :|\ Thank you very very much Richard

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