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Thread: Default Desperate for help in configuring streaming media in a webpage.

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    Default Default Desperate for help in configuring streaming media in a webpage.

    I got the Wowza server installed and running on our server.

    I was able to use the example page for simplevideostreaming. I can access the page from anywhere on the web and it will play the video that I select by filling in the parameters at the bottom.

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't want the user to have to fill in the IP address and the name of the video for them to see it. I don't even want those things to show up.

    I just want a window that I can resize as needed to appear where I want it in the webpage that has a video in it. I would like the option of having that video start automatically, or to wait for a click from the user. Clicking on the video itself (like is done on YouTube would be best, but a button is also OK).

    I guess the progress bar is fine to display, but it shouldn't be as large.

    I need to have the parameters already entered correctly. I could not find where the info that tells it to look at localhost (for some reason, that doesn't work) and sample.mp4 are stored, so I was unable to change it. Again, I don't even want that info showing up, but unless I can program in the correct info, it needs to be there.

    The modified page I made on my server with my own test video can be found here:

    Once the page is up, the 'Server' textbox must be changed from 'rtmp://localhost/vod' to 'rtmp://'.

    The 'Stream' textbox should be changed from 'mp4:sample.mp4' to 'mp4:Nightmare.mp4' although either will work. Just shows different videos.

    Again, the only controls I want is a smaller streamlined progress bar (if possible), a fullscreen button, and a Pause/Play button (or click the video to Pause/Play)

    I would love to know how I can set these parameters and eliminate the things I do not want to see on the page. Basically, I want it to show up in a table on a webpage like an image with the absolute minimal controls possible.

    Not being an expert in Flash, I really can't figure out how to change all that, and what if the client-side computer doesn't have flash?

    I am used to the Object-code that YouTube and other video sites use to embed videos into webpages with changable parameters, but I can not find anything like that in your setup.

    Please help me make this work for my department, so I can go ahead and buy the full license.

    Thank you,

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    Hi arideocean,

    It seems like you want to either hire a web/flash developer or dig in and learn web development yourself. For the later, you'll need a Flash compiler to edit and recompile flash applications. But until you get one you should be able to look at the source code included in one of the Flex examples in the Wowza example folder. Flex, unlike Flash, has plaintext source files. Then, you'll want to get the Actionscript/Flex API reference documentation and dig in.
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    For a production ready Flash player, take a look at JW Player:


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