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Thread: VOD server instance being taken as subdirectory

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    Default VOD server instance being taken as subdirectory

    I seem to have a problem backwards to what others are experiencing...

    I am running multiple instances for my VOD application, so I can authorize and segregate content. However, when I try to specify the file to play back, the instance name is being pulled as a subdirectory in the default instance. I.e., I'm sending the URL


    (where my_vod is my VOD application and service is the instance), but it's coming through as


    Everything else I've read says that people are having the opposite problem, needing to add the _definst_ into the URL to get to a subdirectory. But for me, it's interpreting this as a subdirectory and I don't want it to!

    Running WMS 3.1.2

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    I haven't dealt with multiple instances of a single application, but do you have to run some kind of "startAppInstance" command first? In other words, if the app isn't already "started" when you make your stream calls, maybe Wowza starts it with the default instance?

    Here's a thread from another user which seems to suggest that:

    I use JMX to make such calls through a command line:

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    What player are you using? It looks like it is "fixing" it for you, adding the _definst_. Test with Wowza SimpleVideoStreaming example.


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