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Thread: Geovision GV-SD200 live stream problem

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    Default Geovision GV-SD200 live stream problem

    I have:
    1. Geovision GV-SD200 with latest firmware.
    2. Wowza media server 3
    3. Need to restream rtsp > rtmp/http

    RTSP url for camera is rtsp://ip:554/h264.
    Videocodec - MPEG4 Part10 / h264.

    Case 1: grab rtsp stream directly with wowza.
    Result: fail.
    Error: Failed to find an appropriate depacketizer for this track (H264)

    Case 2: change transport protocol of camera stream (not vcodec) with the help of VLC and grab converted feed with wowza.

    Something like this:
    # vlc -d rtsp://ip:554/h264 --sout udp:
    # echo "udp://" > /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/

    Result: all works fine.

    Is there any way to use GV-SD200 with wowza without VLC or other converter?

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    Are you following this tutorial?

    Try adding this property from the trouble-shooting section of the tutorial

    What version of Wowza are you using? If the above does not work, try patching to the latest version. If you are below 3.1.2, apply this patch first:

    Then apply this patch over it:


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