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Thread: full system backup

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    Default full system backup

    so i have installed wowza + custom modules on server a (test server)

    how to move full system to server b (production server)

    what has to be backed up and transferred?

    or, no way to do without reinstall re-configure?
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    Any configuration changes, and any new .jar files. Restart production. You should use equal or lower version of Java and Wowza in development than what you are running in production


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    got it

    can i literally just download the whole WowzaMediaServer-3.1.2 folder > and upload it to new server [insure Java installed on new server] > restart server > and it works?

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    You should install Wowza as normal and then copy the /applications directory to the new server.
    You can also copy the /conf/[your-app1], /conf/[your-app2] and any .jar files for your custom modules.

    If you copy the entire Wowza folder you may have some difficulty finding out what's wrong if it doesn't work as expected.
    This should be problem free if the Wowza versions are the same.


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